About Thalia

Thalia RyerMy journey to becoming a therapist has been a long one. 25 years ago, I studied Psychology and the History of Religion in preparation for becoming a therapist.

It became clear to me after a few years working in the mental health field that in order to become the therapist I wanted to be, I needed to mature and have a wider variety of adult experience under my belt before taking the leap into the role of psychotherapist to assist others in their journey toward wholeness. So for many years, I operated a small business, worked in the computer industry and became a mother. During those years, I simultaneously engaged in  a personal learning journey which led me to study with a number of teachers and mentors in a variety of contexts from the spiritual to the pragmatic to the academic.

I emerged from that long and winding road determined to create a different way of offering myself in the role of psychotherapist. The fundamental basis of therapy will always be the relationship between patient and therapist. And our task together is to uncover the wholeness which already resides in you, though it can be difficult to identify when you are in the midst of the struggles life presents.

This principle informs my way of being in life as well as the foundation of my practice as a psychotherapist. How we choose to be in relationship with our circumstances, with the larger Mystery of the cosmos and with our inner cast of characters has a profound impact on our sense of fulfillment and our capacity for joy and freedom in our lives.