Reclaiming the Gifts of Grief

June 6-7, 2015

“Where there is sorrow, there is holy ground.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Join us for a weekend of diving deep into the rich, wild and varied terrain of grief.  Our heartbreak is a doorway to the soul.  It takes courage to welcome our grief when all of our cultural conditioning teaches us to marginalize our pain.  In our modern world, we often suffer in isolation, our hearts closed.  Yet when we are held in the container of community, we discover our innate capacity to allow our grief to move, so we can rest in our softened hearts.

Unmetabolized grief can show up as depression, fog or numbness, anger, irritability or a persistent estrangement from the world.  We welcome your grief in all of its forms, be it for lost loved ones, our fragmented communities, dying ecosystems or our suffering planet.  Bring your experience of outrage when you read the news headlines.  Bring the grief of past traumas.  There is no one right way to feel or express grief – all are welcome.

Let us bring our attention to the grief we carry, for ourselves, our communities and for our suffering world.  Sharing our deep emotional selves brings us more deeply into the circle of belonging, develops resilience in our relationships, as well as bringing us into more direct relationship with the sacred. When we are grieving together, there is nothing but the holiness of our hearts’ lament.  And in this gathering we come together to honor that lament.

Utilizing the potent tools of writing practice, singing and ritual, we build a community of connected hearts and coax our sacred stories of loss and suffering into the visible world. This is soul activism:  the willingness to bring our most tender sorrows into the basket of community.

Where: Salmonberry Meadows, Whidbey Island

When: June 6-7, 2015

Cost: $200 (sliding scale options may be available)

This workshop is limited to 18 participants, and fills up fast.  The cost includes communal lodging.  Facilities at Salmonberry Meadow includes a shower, a kitchen and dining area, and a single large room upstairs.  We recommend bringing a tent to take advantage of the beautiful land surrounding the building, or you may sleep in the upstairs room.  More instructions will be provided after registration.

To Register

Please download and return the Registration Form to Jason Foster or Thalia Ryer. If you prefer to mail the registration form in, please let us know and we’ll provide a mailing address.  We will contact you after we receive your registration. / 206-504-3494 / 425-202-5869

We welcome any questions.

Please share this with anybody you think may be served by attending.

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