Therapeutic Approach

It is inevitable that we face challenges in life—depression, anxiety, parenting or marriage challenges, economic hardship. Each can be an opportunity to know ourselves more deeply and develop our capacity to be healthy and whole. I work with individuals, couples and families to facilitate this process. My theoretical approach to therapy resides on a foundation of Bowen’s Family Systems, Depth Psychology, and Structural Family Therapy. I am deeply influenced by more nature-based approaches to healing and hold a view that healing work can be more substantial when it occurs in the context of connection with the natural world. Whether that nature connection happens in our own back yard or with pets or with the wilderness.

From a systemic perspective, no individual is isolated from the context of nature, family, community, workplace, and culture. And within every individual are biological and psychological systems. Each of us reflects the health of the whole. This is especially relevant for work with families, and also informs the development of our sense of individual health and well being. We also exist in a world permeated with mystery. Whether or not we actively engage in a relationship with a sacred Other – an other known by many names; Mystery, God, Soul, the Tao, enlightenment, etc – finding our own unique path to discovering that relationship for ourselves can deepen and widen the scope of our healing journey.

Here is a poem which offers a metaphor for the way therapy attends to the movements of soul:

Tracking the Soul

One track tells very little
until you can see another,
and still another.

You begin to notice
the marks are connected to one another.
And you begin to realize
they were made by a single creature.

You begin to imagine
the shape of this being.

And then you see
further along,
another set of tracks.
Again the image
of the one whose feet tread this earth.
And then it dawns on you:

the foot which made this impression
also made the one before.
And the one before that.
And you begin to wonder what comes next.

You lift your eyes
to the trees, vines and grass
and see the trail you find yourself on.

And you begin to sense
the movement of this creature
through the forest.
A first breath of awareness.
A bigger story.
A thread which connects them all
in the form of this being who travels
from the beginning and all the way through.

This one who moves through
the unfolding story
which is your life.